chm is a great format for online help and reference. features such as full text search, index, toc, favourites, low resource usage, being based on html, and being-all-in-one-file make it the best help system i have found. i learned whole programming languages by just reading and referencing chm files.

i would have learned more - and the ones i knew before faster - if there had been chm references for them. unfortunately, there weren't. to remedy that, i got myself the free HTML Help Workshop, the Total Commander CHMdir plugin, and some other tools (see below) and spent some time building my own chm's. and here they are.

some more links of interest: htmlhelp - Google Code

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[   ]php_manual_chm.11-Aug-2008.zip11-Aug-2008 02:17 18Mno chm version of the php manual since 08 Dec 2007? here is an updated build from 11 Aug 2008, including the new structure, new license, and improved documentation.
[chm]ActivePerl-5.8.8.chm27-Sep-2007 23:27 9.0Man updated chm for ActivePerl build using an updated version of the updated version of my updated version of :) and some manual fixes.
[chm]drupal-6.chm12-Feb-2008 09:13 4.1MDrupal 6 API documentation from my Drupal site
[chm]progit.chm03-Aug-2010 17:01 4.0MPro Git, GitHub version Fri May 28 11:06:30 2010 -0700. markdown to docbook via pandoc, docbook to chm as usual.
[chm]sqlite-3_7_3.chm28-Oct-2010 10:07 2.8MSQLite (3.7.3) documentation. including a much (3+h manually) improved Table of Contents (there isn't really one - including all available documents - at the SQLite website), an index, and prev-next-ToC-navigation, excluding the website header and search box on every page.
[chm]Zend_Framework_EN_1.7.5.chm21-Feb-2009 20:50 1.8MProgrammer's Reference Guide for Zend Framework 1.7.5. added missing icons, prev/next navigation, some stylesheet improvements.
[chm]fdd.chm10-Oct-2010 13:32 1.8MFacebook Developers Documentation, October 09, 2010
[chm]PEAR.chm07-Jan-2004 08:00 1.7Mapi doc for PEAR (base installation + HTML_Template_IT + HTML_Template_PHPTAL (+ required packages) + PHPUnit) generated w/ doxygen
[chm]symfony-r5586.chm18-Oct-2007 22:46 1.3Msymfony (open-source PHP web framework), the Definitive Guide/Book, rev 5586. Markdown source to DocBook XML via Pandoc, XML to chm via DocBook XSL and quite some hints from here.
[chm]phpDocumentor.chm07-Jan-2004 08:00 1.1MphpDocumentor - Javadoc for PHP. has its own chm convertor
[chm]rst.chm03-Jan-2005 10:55 1.0Ma newer docutils.chm
[chm]abs-guide-5.0.chm25-Aug-2007 16:28 970KAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, revision 5.0.07, 16 August 2007. sgml sources to xml via opensp, xml to chm with the usual docbook xsl tool chain.
[chm]clojure-doc.chm02-Feb-2010 15:31 963KClojure documentation (, Core API, Contrib API) for Clojure 1.1, 2010-Jan-31
[chm]svn-book.chm04-Feb-2008 11:42 830KVersion Control with Subversion, for Subversion 1.5, compiled from book revision 2976
[chm]diveintopython-5.4.chm10-Sep-2004 21:30 778Ka chm version of the fine python book. i removed the header line containing "logo", tagline, and google search box from every page: to fit more text, and to not duplicate chm-inherent full-text-search.
[chm]html401.chm07-Jan-2004 08:00 613KHTML 4.01 Specification, incl. complete TOC + Index. the first chm in my collection, handmade
[chm]bzr-0.90.chm04-Sep-2007 17:06 536KBazaar (bzr) 0.90.0 doc
[chm]svk-book.chm27-Sep-2007 12:01 372KVersion Control with SVK, for SVK 1.04, book revision 120. compiled from source with a little change to Makefile.base.
[chm]cvs.chm07-Jan-2004 08:00 345Ki couldn't stand that cvs.hlp included in WinCVS anymore - so i did my own chm. made from the source of cvs 1.11.6 w/ a customized
[chm]PHPUnit_Pocket_Guide-3.3.chm14-Aug-2008 18:22 310KPHPUnit Pocket Guide
[chm]mod_python_3.3.1.chm23-Mar-2007 09:16 239Kwget -nd -np -p -m -k; -v mod_python .; some adjustments with far; compilation - and here we are :)
[chm]Modeling_UserGuide.chm10-Feb-2004 18:53 207KUser's Guide of the great Apple EOF like Object-Relational Bridge for python
[chm]PHPTAL_manual-1.3.chm14-Aug-2008 17:21 59KPHPTAL Manual
[DIR]_bak/21-Feb-2009 20:51 - deprecated versions

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